The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests

No one has ever made or seen a product like this!

handling shit tests
Never before has anyone ever had the balls to address such an important topic in the dating community….handling a woman’s tests or “shit tests” as PUAs call them.

A woman’s shit test is when she says something that may throw you off your game like, “I have a boyfriend,” or “I don’t kiss on the first date,” or “I don’t give out my phone number,” or “we hardly know eachother,” or “do you say that to all the girls?” The list goes on and on!

After you read this SUPER TO-THE POINT guide you’ll know exactly what to say when a woman tests you.

Artisan not only goes deeep into the psychology of why women test men so that you’ll never look at shit tests the same, but he even gives you the top 50 comebacks to the most common tests woman say (or do).

He’ll even tell you what to do if a woman simply ignores you or if she turns her head away when you try to kiss her.

The content is pure genious!


“I had no idea why women test men…I just thought they were bitches lol. After reading the guide it makes total sense why they do it and I don’t look at it as a bad thing anymore.

I went a bar last night and this girl kept shit testing me and calling me a pick up artist, and normally I would have walked away with my tail between my legs but this time I sayed in set and used your comebacks and got her number!!! It was incredible! All thanks to your guide!”

- Jason Sizemore, Maryland, MD


Get the guide right now and never be thrown off your game by women ever again.

It’s a fact that women find men who respond correctly to their shit tests 150% more attractive than men who give the wrong response.

Artisan will show you how to turn any response a woman gives you into sexual tension and sexual attraction. Think about how James Bond acts when a hot female double agent tries to stab him…and then their in bed together in the next scene. Well, that will be how you handle her “proverbial jabs.”

If you’re a guy then chances are you suck at handling a woman’s shit tests. Then you need this guide.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests!


handling shit tests